Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas just ain't Christmas without...

Actually, this isn't about Christmas, but I was just thinking about that old O'Jays song. Gerald Levert just passed away a few weeks ago; Eddie Levert of the O'Jays is his father. Gerald was starting to sing Gospel songs and recently appeared on Bobby Jones' Gospel. I'm sure that his eulogy had him in the presence of the Lord (I'm not being sarcastic).

When I was younger, I was certain about what was Christian, and what was not. As I've grown older, my walls have gotten lower. I have become more accepting. Still, there are some things that I am not cool with.

I still think that being a Christian should at least make you want to have a relationship with a bible that consists of more than a weekly visit over the pastor's text. I still believe that holiness is the goal, and that while we may stumble, we do not fall. I still believe that Jesus is THE WAY, not one of many. I still believe that to "do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God" are the marks of someone who has been born again.

I now accept the possibility that there are people who vote D and love Jesus (not that I was a Republican per se), I think that Barack is entitled to a God speed, and so is Sam. I'm still not sure about Sean Hannity though; maybe he needs to go back to the altar....

Must Christians always sound like we need Jesus when we get on TV? I would like to see a Christian other than Joel Osteen smile while on TV. Heaven is a nice place to go to; we ought to look like we are on the way, you know, joyful? Sean always looks like he just found out that he is got a first class ticket to hell. Come to think of it, so does Michelle, and the Sean's blond buddy, Ann Coulter. The only time they look happy is if they have a liberal in their crosshairs.

Now Allan Combs, he looks like a happy man;I might have to start wearing more blue.

For all you college students out there, after you have finished your finals, relax and get ready for next month.

Have a blessed Christmas!